Your Options

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard and you may have various emotions, such as fear, anger and doubt. We do not want you to be alone during this time. We understand that you may think you have only one option and the thought of raising a child is out of the question. We would love for the opportunity to talk with you about every option. We want you to be encouraged and to know that you can and will get through this. We are here to help you.


If you desire to keep your baby and do not want to place the baby for adoption, we will be there to help and support you. You may think it is impossible to be a parent but there are many resources available to you and your baby. We will help you in any way we can, to help you succeed and provide the love and care your baby deserves.


We do not do adoptions at our facility but we will help you to decide if it is the best option for you. If you feel that parenting is not an option, we will be happy to lead you to the right people who can help place your baby with a loving family. There are many people waiting to love a baby, as their own, and we can set you up with the proper people to help with this process. This decision is often made by mother’s who first thought an abortion was the only way.


Many women think that having a baby will ruin their life and feel the only option is to abort. This is not true and we are happy to talk with you about all of your options. If you are planning to abort, please allow us to counsel with you first and give you all the facts about abortion.We are not an abortion facility, nor do we refer or counsel for abortions or birth control. If you have already had an abortion and are hurting, we are here to help you with the healing process and stand by you with education and support. There are different ways that an abortion can be done and each way comes with a high risk of complications. We will discuss all of the risks with you during your appointment as well as all of the possible effects on you emotionally and psychologically.